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We know trauma can impact functioning and requires a gentle approach

Our London trauma therapists provide support and evidence-based treatment for all kinds of trauma: childhood sexual abuse, incest, sexual violence, acts of physical violence, car accidents, attachment trauma, and more.


We also offer specialized support for first responders, veterans, and healthcare professionals working on the front line.

a gentle approach to counselling


understanding trauma therapy

Understanding trauma and its impact

Life after trauma can be really, really hard.


When trauma occurs, the body, mind, and spirit keep the score. Life after trauma can feel like an endless cycle of trying to put out fires. People, places, smells, sounds, and events can make you feel unsafe, even when they aren’t. You can bounce between feeling keyed up, on edge, and irritable to feeling numb, detached, or like things aren’t real.


Trauma can impact your ability to trust yourself, other people, and the world around you. Sometimes you’ve been living in survival mode for so long that you begin to feel hopeless. Unhealed trauma commonly manifests in the body as chronic pain, headaches, autoimmune conditions, digestive concerns, and joint pain. You can feel mad and impatient at yourself, which just moves the shame meter higher.

How trauma therapy can help

Our talented team of passionate trauma therapists can help you begin to find safety and stability again. Through our gentle, compassionate, and attachment-based style, we will meet you and guide you as you reclaim your life and your unique power.

Our approach to trauma therapy

We help you understand the past, process the events, and envision a future where you are in the driver’s seat. With trauma therapy, you can expect to feel more peace, experience acceptance, and find the courage to change. You will learn skills and techniques to help you ground yourself, increase your personal comfort zone and build a life that feels easier.


Join the hundreds of folks we have helped to build - as we love to say - a life worth living.

creating a life you love

We understand, and we are here to help. There is hope and a beautiful future on the horizon.

Our Location

Our clinic is located at 111 Waterloo Street, Suite 508 and Suite 210.

Both in person or online appointments are available depending on your preferred therapist.

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