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childrens therapy london ontario

Support for your kids to thrive

As parents, all we want is for our children to be ok. But, kids face worries, fears, pressures, tensions, and self-esteem issues just like grown-ups.

There is nothing worse than seeing your young one struggle. Kids face big issues like divorce, pressures at school, loneliness, bullying and mental health problems. It's heartbreaking to watch your baby struggle with things like anxiety, worries, sleeplessness, low mood or behavioural problems. As a parent, it can truly feel even more daunting to even reach out for help. We almost immediately blame ourselves- but this can keep you from getting the help you need. 

Parenting is hard. But you and your child do not need to do this alone- we work with families all the time to help kids thrive (and to help parents finally breathe a sigh of relief).

If you’ve noticed your child or teen is struggling, children's therapy can help.


Our child therapists help with:

✔  Helping kids move through separation and divorce

✔  Managing worries and fears more effectively

✔  Managing emotions and behaving in ways that helps to communicate and not isolate

✔  Improving peer relationships

✔  Increasing self-esteem and happiness

✔  Feeling better at school

✔  Healing from bullying, abuse, and trauma

childrens counselling london ontario

Our approach to child counseling

We understand that each child is unique and faces their own set of challenges.


Our team of dedicated therapists is committed to providing personalized therapy services that are tailored to meet the individual needs of each child. We believe in fostering a safe and nurturing environment where children can confidently express their feelings, even the hard ones.


We want to empower children to manage their worries, fears, and emotions more effectively, and boosting their self-esteem in the process. 

Our therapists use a range of play and art therapies for kids. We know that most kiddos can't just sit in a room and shoot the breeze. Some kids have a hard time sitting still! We get it, and we have supplies, props, resources and some good humour to work with your child. Parents are involved in the process, because you are the centre of their world. We take a collaborative approach and are creative in your child's care.

Child Therapist, Child Psychologist, Child Psychiatrist: 
what's the difference?

If you're like most of our parents, you might be feeling a little lost at who is the best positioned to help your little one. You've likely heard all the terms: social worker, psychotherapist, child therapist, etc. Let's break it down for you and clear up some of the language.​

First off, let's talk about child therapists. These amazing professionals are highly trained in providing therapy specifically tailored to children. They create a safe and supportive environment where your little one can express their thoughts, emotions, and experiences through various therapeutic techniques. Child therapists use play therapy, art therapy, talk therapy, and other creative approaches to help children understand and cope with their feelings, behaviors, and challenges they may be facing.

Now, let's move on to child psychologists. These experts specialize in understanding how children's minds work. They focus on assessing and diagnosing various developmental, emotional, and behavioural issues that your child might be dealing with. At the London Centre for Trauma Therapy, we employ child therapists and they are typically Registered Masters of Social Work professionals, or Registered Psychotherapists.


Child psychologists use standardized tests, interviews, and observations to gain insight into your child's unique strengths and struggles. They then provide recommendations, strategies, and interventions to support your child's mental well-being and help them thrive. We do not have child psychologists on our team, but can refer out if you need.

Lastly, we have child psychiatrists. These professionals are medical doctors who specialize in the mental health of children and adolescents. They have the ability to diagnose and treat mental disorders by prescribing medication, when necessary. Child psychiatrists often work closely with therapists and psychologists to develop a comprehensive treatment plan for your child. Their expertise lies in understanding the biological and neurological aspects of mental health and how medication can play a role in supporting your child's overall well-being.

Remember, each of these professionals has a vital role to play in supporting your child's mental health. Child therapists focus on providing therapy, child psychologists specialize in assessment and diagnosis, and child psychiatrists bring a medical perspective to treatment when medication may be necessary.

We are here to help both you and your child live with ease. Children's therapy will provide you with simple, effective, tools that will support you both feel better.

Our Location

Our clinic is located at 111 Waterloo Street, Suite 508 and Suite 210.

Both in person or online appointments are available depending on your preferred therapist.

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