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Experience award-winning therapy all across Ontario

Did you know that all of our incredible therapists offer therapy online?

The pandemic changed many things for many of us, and we like to think that there were some silver linings. One of these was the discovery that therapy can be done online- and in fact, many folks prefer it.

At the LCTT, we have the privilege of providing counselling virtually across Ontario. No matter where you live, mental health therapy should be available to you, and online therapy makes that possible. From EMDR to CPT to DBT and beyond, all of our therapists offer the option of online therapy. Our platform is user-friendly and secure.

The Benefits of Online Therapy

Online therapy has taken off since the pandemic began, and we know why. 

If you want to access therapy services, but childcare, distance, anxiety, work or any other "life" issues get in the way of you getting to a physical office, you need not worry.


Studies have shown over and over that online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy, and for some people, it's preferable. 

Here are some benefits of online therapy:

- Convenience and comfort 

- You can take the session from a comfortable location

- No travel time, gas, or worrying about parking

- Perfect for folks who have trouble getting places on time

- A great alternative when you suffer from social anxiety

- Everyone gets access to our incredible team, all across Ontario

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