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Your Recovery is Here

If you’re feeling the call to begin to reclaim your life, our clinical team of counsellors is waiting to help you with effective, evidence-based and compassionate treatment.

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Jordan Thomas


Jordan, the Founder of the LCTT, is a mom, psychotherapist, mentor, and business owner. After recovering from severe PTSD and building an inspiring life, she founded the LCTT to help you do the same.


She has created the clinic environment on the values of authenticity, shared humanity, and compassion. She has relentless and unwavering faith that all humans can heal if they have even a smidgen of willingness to do so.

“A moment of self-compassion can change your entire day. A string of such moments can change the course of your life.” - Christopher Germer



We are a group of compassionate and authentic counsellors who have a deep passion and commitment to bringing trauma-informed practice to all of our work. This means that we strive to provide comfortable and safer therapeutic settings so that you can truly be vulnerable and work effectively through your challenges.


We do not carry a waitlist. A benefit of a large clinic like ours is that we have incredible therapists who are ready to work with you, without a long wait and usually within the week. We offer online appointments across Ontario and in-person and online appointments from our London locations.


We offer low-cost therapy. Within our MSW Student program, we can provide therapy services at a low cost. These services are supervised weekly by our senior therapists. Ours is a teaching clinic and we select only the best and brightest students who have lived in the real world (and lived to tell about it!)

Beginning therapy does not need to be scary, complicated, or overwhelming. You can get started today. Book your free consultation call with one of our London counsellors now!

Are you a therapist interested in joining our team?

At London Trauma Therapy, we are committed to hiring the most skilled, experienced and passionate counsellors to our expanding team. Our work culture, ethos and team dynamic is part of what makes us awesome. As a group that deeply values collaboration, we love adding people to the team who make it even better.

Here is what some of the team has to say about working at the LCTT:

If you are a Registered Social Worker (MSW) or a Registered Psychotherapist (with the CRPO) and want to experience working at the best clinic in the city (we're biased, but we think this is true!) please submit your cover letter and resume to

**We keep all applications on file for 6 months.

*** Please note: you must be open to receiving the occasional ridiculous meme in our group chat.

"Working at the LCTT is the biggest flex... it's a privilege to be part of a team and the work that we do".

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