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Relationships can be a lot of work. Early intervention can help.

For most couples, deciding to attend couples counselling is a big step. Couples can get trapped in an endless cycle of what feels like the same argument- over and over. And over.


When your relationship isn’t working as it should, you can both feel like you’re not being heard or understood. Your dynamic might feel strained, tense or, at times, explosive.

When it’s just not going the way you want it to go, the other pressures of life can feel even heavier. Couples might find themselves struggling with financial issues, parenting concerns, infidelity, or wondering, “do I even love you anymore?” Getting started early with couples therapy can help you get the clarity you need.



Our therapists are trained in Gottman couples counseling and Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy, helping couples work through their hard things.


Couples therapy can help with:

✔  Arguments that go on and on, are about the same thing, or are becoming more of a regular occurrence

✔  Tensions about parenting, financial concerns or career issues

✔  Communication that doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere

✔  That nagging feeling that you should feel differently than you do, but aren’t sure why

✔  Sexual intimacy is mismatched, infrequent, or even dead


✔  One of both of you has a trauma history that makes attachment challenging 

✔  Issues with extended family

✔  Getting that “spark” back

Couples counselling is a safe place for you to learn to communicate more vulnerably with your partner, so you can feel more connected in your relationship.

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