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Megan-Fay Rothschild

Registered Social Worker Psychotherapist

Life can be overwhelming! Often we can struggle with just being a person: knowing what we think, feel or want, and managing difficult experiences of grief, fear or longing. Counselling is an opportunity to explore our experiences and build clarity, confidence and choice in our lives. My job is to help you do just that. Together we can unpack your feelings and explore what you need to build a life that feels safe, meaningful, even joyful, for you!


Megan-Fay is a counsellor and Registered Social Worker. She has worked with a range of demographics including teenagers and sexual assault survivors over the past 11 years, both on the front line and in the counselling office. She feels comfortable supporting you wherever you are at or whatever you are feeling. She has done training in Somatic Experiencing, EMDR as well as Emotionally-Focused, Solution-Focused and Narrative therapies.


Client Focus:

Individuals, teens 12 and over

Types of therapy:  

Her approach is relational, strengths-based and creative. She uses parts work, somatic experiencing, compassion work, mindfulness and more to help you process and move past difficult experiences into the light of hope and connection.


(Standard) Anxiety, depression, trauma, 

(Specialties) sexual trauma, borderline traits, life transitions

More than just my work:

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself; (I am large. I contain multitudes).”  Walt Whitman

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