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Amy Haertel

Masters of Social Work Intern

Trauma can profoundly impact all aspects of an individual’s life. These personal challenges can begin to define a person. Individuals might lose perspective and motivation due to subconscious thoughts of failure, disappointment, and pain as they fail to remember who they are outside of the problem. I am deeply committed to helping my clients navigate the complex challenges that often accompany traumatic experiences and to support them in the journey toward stabilization, healing, and recovery. I aim to create a space where we can explore experiences, process emotions, and develop the skills and strategies needed to move forward in a positive direction. I approach trauma work with empathy, respect, and a deep appreciation for the resilience and strength of each individual I have the privilege to work with.  


Amy is an MSW intern in her last semester at the University of Windsor. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Family and Community Social Service and Child and Youth Care and Social Service Work diplomas. Amy has extensive experience working with youth and with crisis interventions for families and individuals across the lifespan. She has provided support in various high schools, at CMHA as a crisis response coordinator, and Community Justice Interventions.


Client Focus: Individuals 18+

Types of therapy: CBT, mindfulness and strength-based interventions.

Issues: Anxiety, depression, trauma, self-esteem, healthy relationships

More than just my work:

Being outside and experiencing nature brings me great peace and freedom. I love to river kayak. Kayaking is a great way to connect with nature, explore remote areas and observe wildlife while immersing myself in beautiful landscapes. It can also be a big adventure or an effortless float. Kayaking is a unique blend of adventure, exercise, and natural beauty.

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