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Trauma Therapy in Windsor, ON
You are in the right place. Help is here. 


We are passionate about helping you heal.

We are so glad you've landed on this page. Even though we are a two-hour drive away, our therapists provide expert mental health and trauma therapy to folks living in the Windsor area every day. We are honoured to work with you and help you transform your life and relationships into what you have always wanted- no matter what has happened in the past.

Due to the high demand for trauma therapy services from our clinicians, we have opened up virtually all across Ontario. Our team of incredible therapists can work with you to process traumatic events, reduce symptoms of trauma, and help you build a life you love.

Before, getting therapy from an experienced therapist with whom you can build a supportive relationship was full of roadblocks- waitlists, commute time, exorbitant fees- all just about the last things someone needs when they are going through hard times.

With online trauma therapy, you can experience our award-winning team, find fees that work for your budget, and cut the traffic, parking, waitlists and headaches.

Are you ready to experience a life that is easier, healthy and full of possibility?

After trauma has occured- whether it was a one-time event or we were exposed repeatedly, life can become very challenging. You might find yourself avoiding certain places, people and even your own emotions. It can be hard to get out of bed, find motivation, and keep to a schedule. Perhaps you have anxiety that just won't budge. Most often, your relationships are not where you'd like them to be, and you feel misunderstood. We understand.

Trauma therapy can help you with all of these issues, so that you can get on with building a life that you fall in love with. There is nothing more fulfilling as a therapist than watching your client move from surviving to thriving- and that is all we do, day in and day out. We help you move past your past and create a future wor

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“What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

~ Mary Oliver

Trauma Therapy Windsor: It's time to reclaim your life

Here are some of the struggles our psychotherapists can help you with:

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- OCD and anxiety disorders

- Substance use concerns

- PTSD/C-PTSD and mental health

- Attachment trauma

- Burnout and compassion fatigue

- Therapy for Healthcare workers

- First Responders/Veterans

- Substance use concerns

- Domestic violence

- Maternal mental health/infertility/pregnancy loss


- Eating disorders

- Stress, anger management

- Chronic and/or terminal illness

- Indigenous mental health

- Grief and loss

- Racial Identity + immigrants

  • What is psychotherapy and who is it for?
    The short answer is that therapy, in our opinion, is for everyone! Folks come to therapy for all kinds of reasons, but usually, something in their life isn’t working or doesn’t feel right, and they want the expertise, wisdom, and guidance of a therapist to help them figure it out. The process of therapy helps you understand how events of the past influence current behaviours and thoughts. This is especially useful if the behaviours and thoughts of today are making life difficult. Therapy is a process of co-creation that allows you to make powerful shifts in your thinking and behaviours to allow you to enjoy your life and handle the ups and downs of life with less turbulence.
  • What is “trauma”?
    Trauma is the emotional and physical response to exposure to deeply disturbing events or a series of events. Trauma overwhelms one’s ability to cope and can lead to feelings of helplessness. It can interfere with a healthy sense of self and impede the ability to experience and express a full range of emotions. Trauma can disrupt your sense of safety in the world, and make it difficult to trust others.
  • What is trauma therapy? Is it just talking about what happened in detail?
    Trauma therapy is a process of helping you to overcome your reactions to the trauma with an emphasis on your emotional safety. Trauma therapy helps you to work through the shame, guilt, fear of the event or events while helping you to challenge avoidance and isolation. Our trauma therapists help you to process the impact of trauma without re-traumatizing you, and there is never a requirement to go into detail about what happened. Our first and foremost goal is your comfort and safety, always.
  • What if I don’t know if I have trauma? Can I still come to therapy?
    This is a question we get asked all the time. People don’t know if they have “enough” trauma to come to therapy, or if what they have experienced is significant enough. There is no comparison on trauma. If something is distressing for you, bothering you or keeping you from living a life with ease, then we can help, we want to help, and we welcome you to our clinic.
  • What if I want to do therapy for other issues that are not trauma-related?
    Then you are absolutely in the right place! We have a large team of amazing, hand-selected therapists to help you through almost anything! From anxiety to OCD to depression to relationship struggles to body image issues and beyond, we probably have the perfect therapist here for you.

Types of Individual Therapy Available in Windsor

Not sure which is right for you?
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