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Tracy Crick-Butler

Social Worker, Psychotherapy Intern, MSW

What problem do you strive to overcome?


Problem: Sometimes life hurts and we are uncertain how to move forward through the pain. Grief, life transitions, difficult relationships, and past experiences often leave us searching for healing and hope. We don’t want to do this work alone, and yet we don’t always know where to turn.

Solution: In the therapeutic relationship you will be heard and seen as the unique, valued, and whole person that you are. In my practice I use a holistic, person-centred approach where together we will build a respectful relationship that allows you to gain new skills and work toward your personal goals. We may talk about difficult things, and in doing do you will experience an empathetic, supportive, and competent therapist who will feel privileged to take this journey with you.

Result: In therapy it is my goal for you to find a safe space where you can discover greater self-awareness and deeper insight into what may lead to live-giving change.


Tracy is a student intern completing her Master of Social Work. She has over 25 years experience providing supportive counselling to adults, children, and youth, in community, healthcare, and spiritual settings. She has walked with individuals and families through a variety of life transitions including those experiencing trauma. For the past two years she has been working with the Palliative Care Outreach Team providing psychospiritual counselling to palliative patients and their families as they approach end of life. Tracy believes in the importance of honouring rites of passage and rituals that bring meaning to life. 


Client Focus: Individual Adults. Children, Youth, and their families.

Types of therapy: Narrative Therapy, CBT

Issues: Grief and Loss, Life Transitions, Spirituality 

More than just my work:

The image of light is one that I find powerful, as there is no darkness that is greater than even the dimmest of lights. In light I find hope and I appreciate this quote by Christopher Reeve:


“Once you choose hope, anything is possible.”

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