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Mitchell Brant

Registred Social Worker Psychotherapist

Your life experiences can impact your perceptions and beliefs you have about yourself, your capacity to regulate emotions, and your ability to form sustainable relationships. This can lead to a range of symptoms and challenges such as depression, anxiety and stress- to name just a few. Often folks do not have a safe space to feel free and fully able to express their concerns without fear of being judged, minimized and not understood. 

My approach to therapy is trauma and attachment informed, as well as integrative to meet the unique needs of each individual I see. I am EMDR Trained and I use this therapeutic modality to help you understand how your life experiences have contributed to your current mental health challenges, and help process and heal the impact of these experiences. I also utilize other therapeutic modalities such as IFS, CBT, Indigenous Teachings and EFT.

I aim to create a collaborative and safe environment. Going to therapy can be scary and hopeful, and I welcome all parts of the experience through a non-judgmental and curious approach. Self-compassion has been a guiding light when I have navigated my own mental health challenges and I hope to support you in accessing yours. 


Mitch is a Registered Social Worker and graduate of the Master of Social Work program at King’s University College. He has worked and volunteered in a variety of mental health oriented settings and has experience working with teens and adults. Mitch works with folks dealing with challenges such as anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, anger,  stress, emotional regulation, grief & loss and self-esteem challenges.


Client Focus:  Individuals, adults, youth (16 and over)

Types of therapy: EMDR, IFS, CBT, EFT, Indigenous Teachings

Issues: I provide trauma-informed care for anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, anger, stress, emotional regulation, grief & loss and self-esteem challenges.

More than just my work:

I enjoy watching sunsets over lakes, playing sports - particularly soccer, going for walks with a podcast on, making homemade pizza and dancing in the house to my favorite songs. I grew up in England for a lot of my childhood and this is where I fell in love with soccer.

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