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Janeen Donnor

Registered Social Worker Psychotherapist

Prioritizing ourselves and allowing the space and time to address challenges in our lives, and patterns of behaviours or way of being that are not working can be difficult. The thoughts of looking into and starting therapy can feel overwhelming. In our work together, I want to acknowledge the courage and strength it took for you to reach out for support.

My goal as a therapist is to create a safe, supportive and non-judgmental space as we build our relationship together to allow for exploration of your thoughts, feelings and lived experiences as you work towards healing and growth.

As we work together, we can build on the knowledge and skills you possess to help create acceptance in your life for the things you cannot change and work towards changing the things you do have control over in an effort to build the life you want for yourself. My ultimate goal for you to find peace and a greater sense of happiness and/or contentment in your life and to gain a greater sense of the skills and abilities you possess within yourself to cope with all you experience.


Janeen is a Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist and a Wilfrid Laurier graduate with a Master’s degree in Social Work. Over the past seventeen years, she has worked at the Canadian Mental Health Association assessing, supporting, and working with individuals in crisis and those experiencing a variety of mental health symptoms including depression, anxiety, trauma experiences, and psychotic disorders. She has been part of the team at the London Centre for Trauma therapy since January 2022.


Client Focus:

Youth (sixteen and over), Individuals

Types of therapy:

CBT, DBT, Solution-Focused Therapy, EMDR, Cognitive Processing Therapy, and a Strengths-based approach


(Standard) Anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, grief and loss, self-esteem challenges, anger, stress, relationship issues

(Specialties) Suicidal ideation, fertility, addictions, Post-partum anxiety/depression/psychosis, traumas faced by First Responders, Burn-Out and Compassion Fatigue

More than just my work:

Travelling and working abroad for almost two years in my early to mid-twenties forced me face some of my biggest fears and to grow and gain a greater sense of who I am as an individual. Despite working at a Pizza Hut for eight years as a teenager and university student, my favourite food is still pizza!

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