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Jaleesa Thomas

Registered Social Worker Intern, BSW, MSW Candidate

What problem do you strive to overcome?


Problem: Life can feel overwhelming and stressful at times and there are many reasons individuals seek therapy, in life transitions or changes, gaining further insight on oneself and situation, or setting and maintaining healthy boundaries and lifestyle; whatever it is, I believe no one should experience this alone. I recognize it takes deep courage to begin therapy and I am here to support you in navigating your present circumstance.

Solution: I utilize a culturally safe and responsive, person-centered, trauma-informed, holistic, and strengths-based approach throughout the therapeutic process. I draw on a variety of therapeutic modalities such as Narrative Therapy (NT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectic Behavioural Therapy (DBT), and Solution-Focused Therapy to accommodate each person's unique experiences. 

Result: I strive to meet you at the stage you are at and provide a confidential and non-judgmental space where you are able to comfortably explore your thoughts, feelings, and concerns with safety and support. I am passionate about helping you gain new perspectives on the issues you are facing and develop the skills you need to make positive change, flourish, and accomplish your goals.

Experience: Jaleesa is in her final year of the Master of Social Work (MSW) program with the University of Windsor. Jaleesa is a Registered Social Worker with a diverse 8 years of experience in the field working with people who have faced marginalization, bias, or racism. Jaleesa had additional experience supporting adult individuals and groups living with an acquired or traumatic brain injury, intellectual developmental disorders, dual diagnosis, complex concurrent disorders, chronic stress, trauma, anxiety, and depression. I firmly believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and my work will be tailored to your needs; I look forward to building rapport and working in collaboration with you. 


Client Focus: Individuals (starting at 18+)

Types of therapy: NT, CBT, DBT, and Solution-Focused Therapy.

Issues: Trauma, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, and stress.

More than just my work:

I find calm and comfort being out in nature or nearby the water. I enjoy exploring new places and things such as locally owned shops and restaurants.

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