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Esther Mensah

Registered Social Worker Psychotherapist

Relationships can be really hard and it's not uncommon for you to ask yourself "how did we get here?", "we were so in love, what happened to us?", or to say to yourself  "I should have paid attention to the warning signs earlier." Then with children, and children with complex needs, you are too tired taking care of everyone, that there is no time and energy for you or your partner. If you feel like this was not what you thought life would be, and you want to get back the spark you once had, or to really fall in love with your partner for the first time because things were too rushed in the beginning.  I can help.

I adopt Attachment and Emotional Focus approaches and strategies as the foundation in my therapeutic work. I create a safe space where you can share without being judged and have supporting conversations to help couples to better understand the underlying hurts and needs. The objective is to  gain a better understanding of attachment styles and how to change unhealthy styles through reflections and explorations of deeper emotions. I provide support and guidance for couples by having challenging discussions that lead to greater insights and lasting change. 

The goal in our therapeutic sessions is that you are seen, and your pain and stress are acknowledged. I work together with you to give your relationship new life so your relationships can be joyful and you can delight in yourself, your partner and your children again.  You can have a better understanding of the patterns in your relationship, have better conflict resolution strategies and have better bond to create stronger intimacy that would last.

It's a courageous journey and if you are ready to take it, I will be alongside you to give you hope, encouragement and strategies .


Esther is a Registered Social Worker with her Bachelors and Masters of Social Work from Kings University College. She's been in the field working with couples, parents and their families for 20years. She is passionate about the individuals she works with and brings empathy and warmth to the therapeutic relationship. 

Client focus: Couples, Families, Individuals

Types of Therapy: Adult Attachment, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,

Dialectic Behavioural Therapy, Grief work

Issues: Anxiety, Couples' issues, Depression, Grief/loss, Parenting challenges, Pre-marital counselling, Stress.

More than just work:

I am a  mother of boys, and together with my husband, we are busy running to practices and games, church events, and hosting get-togethers with families and friends.  We are a busy family and having fun is a priority.

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