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Adrienne Vale

Registered Social Worker Psychotherapist

Life can be really challenging and the things that happen can overwhelm our ability to cope. Grief, trauma and chronic stress can leave you feeling especially stuck and overloaded. Sometimes you just don’t know how to move forward.

Therapy is not a one-size-fits-all, which is why I utilize an eclectic and person-centered approach. Together, we will identify your stuck points and co-create a game plan that is unique to you. My goal is to help you feel supported and heard, so that you can move through the challenging feelings you’re experiencing

In the therapeutic space, you will feel welcomed, heard and respected. My aim is to create a place where you feel supported and safe enough to talk about the hard stuff, at your own pace. A space where you can heal and grow.


Adrienne is a Registered Social Worker, and a Wilfrid Laurier University graduate with a Master’s degree in Social Work. She also holds a diploma in Child and Youth Work from Fanshawe College. Over the past five years she has worked with the MCRRT program in Huron and Perth counties with first-responders providing emergent crisis support, LHSC in outpatient mental health, as well as crisis-intervention and community support with CMHA.


Client Focus:

Individuals, Adults, Children (6+) and Teens

Types of therapy:

CBT, DBT, Trauma, Grief


Trauma, Grief, Attachment, First-Responder, Anxiety, Self-Compassion, LGBTQ+, Child/Adolescent, Depression

More than just my work:

  1. I have memorized almost every scene from the movie “Just Friends”.

  2. I love nature, trees and animals. I would love to have a small hobby farm one day with chickens, goats, and donkeys.

  3. I am an avid reader and working towards a goal of reading 50 books in 2022.

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