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Make sure your kids have the support they need to thrive

As parents, all we want is for our children to be ok. But, kids face worries, fears, pressures, tensions, and self-esteem issues just like grown-ups.


These issues can present differently in kids. If you’ve noticed your child or teen is struggling, children's therapy can help.


Our child and youth therapists help with:

✔  Helping kids move through separation and divorce

✔  Managing worries and fears more effectively

✔  Managing emotions and behaving in ways that helps to communicate and not isolate

✔  Improving peer relationships

✔  Increasing self-esteem and happiness

✔  Feeling better at school

✔  Healing from bullying, abuse, and trauma


We are here to help both you and your child live with ease. Children's therapy will provide you with simple, effective, tools that will support you both feel better.

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