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You're in the Right Place. Help is Here.

In-Person Therapy in London, ON  and Komoka, ON
Online Therapy Across Ontario
for Individuals, Couples, Children and Families


We provide trauma-informed and trauma-focused therapy.

If you're reading this, chances are that you're feeling like you need help. You are in the right place. 


We provide therapy in London, Ontario and online all across Ontario. We work with individuals, couples, families and children who want extra support from a compassionate, warm and skilled therapist.


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Feeling exhausted, trapped and unhappy?

  • Is your relationship feeling like a dead-end, or constant struggle?

  • Drained with a loss of vitality?

  • Constant worrying, with the future looking bleak?

  • Trapped by the pain of the past?

  • Stuck in endless negative patterns, cycles, and habits?

  • Worried about your child or teen?

  • Experienced a traumatic event or a series of events that you don’t know how to process?

If you can relate, we want to help. At London Trauma Therapy, our mission is to help you build a life worth living.

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create a life you love

What would life be life if you felt empowered, peaceful and hopeful?

therapy session

Trauma Counselling

Effective, safe, and informed therapy for all forms of trauma.

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Individual Therapy

Authentic, compassionate 1:1 support for getting through life’s hard things.

couples therapy

Couples Therapy

Supportive counseling for couples trying to work through their tough stuff.

children therapy

Children's Therapy

Therapy for kid's worries, big and small.

Imagine living a life full of peace, connection and happiness...

Trauma therapy, also known as 'psychotherapy', allows you to begin to build a new way of thinking and shift old habits. With the help of one of our incredible therapists, you can expect to begin to feel safe in your body. Trauma treatment can help you work through your trauma experience and start living the life you want.


Traumatic Stress and effects of trauma can affect your nervous system.  Trauma-informed care will help people struggling to identify where they have experienced trauma and work towards improving their mental health.


You can start to trust others - and yourself. You can begin to wake up each morning feeling content and peaceful, eager to begin your day.

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​Psychotherapy offers numerous benefits, some of which are:

   Decreased anxiety

  Improved relationships

  An improved outlook on life and hope for your future

  Becoming the parent you want

  Enjoying a satisfying relationship

  Tools and strategies to handle situations that used to trigger you

  A sense of self-love and self worth

  Skills for difficult conversations and ways to set boundaries

  Ways to take care of you- finally

  A deep, profound healing of painful wounds

  A passage to process grief and rebuild a meaningful life after loss


...and much more!

You CAN go from surviving to thriving (really)  and trauma counselling can help!

In 2022, the LCTT was awarded “Top Psychology Clinic” in London, and we think it’s because we are a team that is very obviously obsessed with helping you live your absolute best life -  no matter where you’re starting from. Our incredible trauma therapists are always engaging in continued learning so that we can help you feel happier, less stressed, more peaceful, and step into the best version of your future self. 


You’ve got this and we’ve got you.

going from surviving to thriving with therapy

“When we heal ourselves, it has a tremendous ripple effect; we heal our children, our families, our workplaces, our communities, and ultimately, our world.”   - Jordan Thomas, Founder

Take a (virtual) tour of our offices!

Still have questions? We've got answers!

  • What is psychotherapy and who is it for?
    The short answer is that therapy, in our opinion, is for everyone! Folks come to therapy for all kinds of reasons, but usually, something in their life isn’t working or doesn’t feel right, and they want the expertise, wisdom, and guidance of a therapist to help them figure it out. The process of therapy helps you understand how events of the past influence current behaviours and thoughts. This is especially useful if the behaviours and thoughts of today are making life difficult. Therapy is a process of co-creation that allows you to make powerful shifts in your thinking and behaviours to allow you to enjoy your life and handle the ups and downs of life with less turbulence.
  • What is “trauma”?
    Trauma is the emotional and physical response to exposure to deeply disturbing events or a series of events. Trauma overwhelms one’s ability to cope and can lead to feelings of helplessness. It can interfere with a healthy sense of self and impede the ability to experience and express a full range of emotions. Trauma can disrupt your sense of safety in the world, and make it difficult to trust others.
  • What is trauma therapy? Is it just talking about what happened in detail?
    Trauma therapy is a process of helping you to overcome your reactions to the trauma with an emphasis on your emotional safety. Trauma therapy helps you to work through the shame, guilt, fear of the event or events while helping you to challenge avoidance and isolation. Our trauma therapists help you to process the impact of trauma without re-traumatizing you, and there is never a requirement to go into detail about what happened. Our first and foremost goal is your comfort and safety, always.
  • What if I don’t know if I have trauma? Can I still come to therapy?
    This is a question we get asked all the time. People don’t know if they have “enough” trauma to come to therapy, or if what they have experienced is significant enough. There is no comparison on trauma. If something is distressing for you, bothering you or keeping you from living a life with ease, then we can help, we want to help, and we welcome you to our clinic.
  • What if I want to do therapy for other issues that are not trauma-related?
    Then you are absolutely in the right place! We have a large team of amazing, hand-selected therapists to help you through almost anything! From anxiety to OCD to depression to relationship struggles to body image issues and beyond, we probably have the perfect therapist here for you.
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jordan thomas of london trauma therapy


MSW, Founder

My mission is simple: everyone deserves the gift of healing and happiness- and I want to find that for you. 

From a young age, it’s been my desire to support people who are suffering. Social work and then psychotherapy have allowed me to live my mission every day. I was inspired to create the London Centre for Trauma Therapy once I had experienced the joy and freedom that recovery from PTSD gave me. I wanted that for everyone. That hope and belief is the pulse of this clinic.


As someone who knows first-hand how difficult it can be to reach out for and access help, I wanted to create a space where – frankly – I would want to go. I have hand-selected each and every single member of my incredible, award-winning team. 

Highly-rated Trauma Counselling in London, ON
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